Going Through The Motions

Have you ever tuned out when someone was giving a lecture or sermon but acted like you were listening?  How about when someone is telling you something and because you really do not care, you check out?  How often have you read a page or two in a book only to realize you do not even know what you just read?  How about driving?  Ever realized you were past a certain mile marker only to not remember passing the last exit?  Wether it is sitting through a lecture,  listening to someone tell a story, reading a book or even driving a car we all have been guilty of just going through the motions.

While it might not be so bad to “check out” or go through the motions in some situations, it can be devastating when we do that with people’s pain.  Here is what I mean.  Someone asks us to pray for them concerning something really on their mind.  You say you will but never do.  When you see them again you even forget to bring it up.  Ouch!  That really hurts.  Another person has a real need and you know you can help meet that need.  You offer to help but then  forget all about it.  Whew!  That is painful.

Life gets so hectic that we often find ourselves just going through the motions.  We stop living with intention.  We no longer realize our purpose and place.  Our goal becomes to just get to the next event or day.  In the process we lose out on so many opportunities to be a blessing to someone and to be blessed ourselves.

Let me say this:   I do not want to live my life just going through the motions. I want to be intentional, strategic and live on purpose.  My guess is that you do as well.  It will require us to be more aware of what is going on around us.  It means that we have to live not just for ourselves but for others as well. It means slowing down enough to care.  It means redefinning what a successful day looks like.

Everyone has a story and is on a journey.  We need one another to make our life more complete and fulfilled.  We need others who are not just going through the motions.  If you are looking for meaning and purpose then be intentional in life.  Stop going through the motions and see what you can do or where you can make a diference.  Not only will you change someone else’s life but it will also change your life!


About Chuck Holt

Husband, Father, Advocate

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