St Patrick’s Day Thought

Today is St Patrick’s Day.  It is a day to wear green and hope you will be lucky in some way.  In fact, many people equate that opportunity when luck comes our way as a blessing or unexpected happiness.  We say to people, “You are so lucky”, when they get some unexpected money or things go their way.  At that moment we think they are happier because of that luck.  If they are lucky enough it will last a long time and make life better for at least a little while.  The ultimate pursuit of luck is to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Thousands of years ago this man Korah had some sons who pursued this idea of luck or blessing.  They recorded their findings in a poem which became a song.  It can be found in the Bible in Psalm 84.  They describe three ways we can have that blessing or happiness in life.  Surprisingly, luck has nothing to do with it.  Dwell on these three things.  Try them on for size today.  Pursue them as if they were you lucky lotto numbers!  Chase the rainbow to find this pot of gold!!  Here they are:
1.  Happy is the person who praises God no matter what is going on. The one who can keep perspective and know that God is God and He is in control is a happy and blessed person.
2.  Happy is the person who looks to God for strength to deal with life’s trials.  The one who does not try to figure it out or solve it in his/her own strength is truly a blessed person.
3.  Happy is the person who trusts in God.  The one who can have total confidence in God despite his/her surroundings is indeed a lucky person and has truly found the real blessing.
Luck finds you and is only there until the “lucky-ness” wears off or is gone!  True blessing and happiness is what you find and lasts as long as you live in it!  Today, lets praise God, rely on his strength and trust in Him alone!!  Easier said than done, I realize.  But then again, true blessing does not happen by luck.  It is something we must pursue and attain after.  Once we have it though, there is no pot of gold or no circumstance that can take it away!

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