April Fools Day – The Day After!

So how many of us had an April Fool’s Day prank done to us? Making someone feel like a gullible full is fun and light-hearted! Of course some know how to take it to far. One year, my dad, who is a math teacher, faked a heart attack in front of his class. Not cool! He has vowed not to do anything since then!!

My favorite this year was simple. I texted people and told them that I had broken down near their house and I needed a ride cause I had been wandering around for a few hours. Most fell for it! My son didn’t. So did you pull an April Fool’s prank? What did you do? I trust that you were not like my dad years ago and take your prank too far?

Of course being a fool to someone’s prank can be harmless and often ends up in laughter. We usually only do April Fool’s Day pranks to those we know best. But what happens when our lives are lived foolishly? Being a fool is no laughing matter. We all see people every day do things and we think to ourselves, “What a fool. Why would they do something so stupid?”. No one wants to associate or spend time with a person who lives like a fool.

An ancient proverb says “Let a man meet a mamma bear robbed of her cubs than a person living like a fool!”. Have you ever been face to face with a mad bear who is on the hunt for the one who stole her cubs? Me either, and I never want to be! Think of that image in your mind. A mindless, ruthless, out of control bear that is ready to destroy anyone in its path. That is what a fool is like to everyone else.

Ok, so by now you are thinking of someone else and referring to them in your mind as a fool. You are glad that your friendship only runs as deep as a Facebook friend. However, I want you to think about something. How often does your actions reflect those of a fool? Be honest. We all are guilty of acting foolishly sometimes. And to heap foolish on top of foolishness, we often fail to admit that our words or actions are those of a fool. I am guilty of this and so are you.

The Bible is full of one liners describing the fool. One of them is “Fools think their own way is right,
but the wise listen to others.” (Proverbs 12:15). Today I want to walk my journey not living foolishly. I want to realize that the world does not revolve around me and my thoughts.

Yesterday might have been April Fool’s Day but every day that I live like a mad she-bear in search for her cubs is actually a fool day. Today, let’s be intentional! Let’s examine the path before us and be wise. Let’s not think so highly of our thoughts and be open to the wisdom of others. Of course the assumption is that we are surrounded by other wise ones!!!

To end, here is one of my favorite quotes. I hope it is not describing me or you.
“When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it.”


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  1. Hey Chuck – loved the correlation between the mad mamma bear’s rampage and the destruction a fool can cause. Wise words, my friend. Glad to find your blog!

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